CatablogSL is Closing!

But! Fear not. I’ll still be blogging and bringing you hunt prizes, gifts, and experience prizes. I’ll just be working with I’ve started the advent calendar on their site. So, please partake and enjoy but be aware this site won’t be updated anymore.

Beauty Event! 90 Gifts!

This event was okay! There wasn’t any gifts for men and some of the packages acted oddly. But, over all there were a few items I really liked personally. 05.21.2021 / 06.11.2021 with 90 gifts (That I found) TELEPORT TO BEAUTY EVENT

We Love Role-Play Gifts

I’m trying something new with the formatting to make it easier to read and faster for me! Let me know if you like it. 05.04.2021 / 05.31.2021 with 63 gifts (that I found) totaling 243L to purchase them all. TELEPORT TO WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY

Scoop’N’Score: SL Syndicate’s #3rd Anniversary Hunt

I wish I could say the experience was fun but honestly I area searched. I tried to see if each item could be teleported too but it couldn’t. So, I’ve included the item name that you interact with to make it easier to find individual items. I really did enjoy the items though and wouldContinue reading “Scoop’N’Score: SL Syndicate’s #3rd Anniversary Hunt”

EBento 4th Anniversary Event!

I enjoyed the gift selection for this event. I felt like there was a good variety of items available even if items specifically for men were lacking. +18 BLOG DUE TO BARE BREASTS. 05.11.2021 / 05.31.2021 with 86 gifts (That I could find) TELEPORT TO EBENTO

FaMESHed 9th Anniversary Gifts

I really enjoyed this event! It was hard not to buy things while collecting the gifts here. 05.01.2021 / 05.27.2021 with 100 gifts (101 but one is broken) TELEPORT TO FAMSHED


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