This wasn’t a blog I had planned on doing but it was requested! Enjoy! Deco(C)rate is 3000L after being released and contains 15 items for 200L per item. If you subscribe to the crate before it’s released it’s 1500L for 100L per item.


There is a large variety of poses available! Because I want to ensure the creators original intention is realized vs my own I do try to save textures over taking pictures if possible. Also, I remember the last pose fair the group was free to join but this time the group was 99L. 03.07.2021 /Continue reading “Posefair!”

MadPea: Room 326 Revisited Sponsored by SL Playmates Network

I would recommend reading the story and the hints! It was really entertaining to do and the end was creepy. My only issue I had was there were a lot of red herrings as well as some of the items being harder to find. No teleport links necessary. The HUD you purchase from MadPea (forContinue reading “MadPea: Room 326 Revisited Sponsored by SL Playmates Network”